We make a special tasks
oriented expert group.

We complement one another with our expertise and experience.

We have been supporting medium and large businesses, as well as investment funds and capital groups in their processes for over 15 years. We provide them with the latest solutions and the implementation proficiency. The network of business relations in virtually all economic sectors is our asset. We combine understanding and ability to adapt to the needs of our clients with discretion.


Project: Renewable Energy Investment

Energy Storage Factory

Transaction value:
1-78 M EUR

Project description: We are raising capital for the expansion of a state-of-the-art energy storage factory.

Project: PAN

Manufacturer of Pots, Pans, and Kitchen Accessories

Transaction value:
7,3 M EUR

Project description: We are raising capital for international expansion.

Project: Waste Management

Manufacturer of Organic Fertilizers

Transaction value:
4,6 M EUR

Project description: We are raising capital for international expansion.

nieruchomości, inwestycje

Project: Metal

Company Specialized in Precision Metal Processing

Transaction value:
17 M EUR

Project description: We offer the sale of machine parts for mining and construction equipment (bushings, shafts, gears). Machining, turning, milling.


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Project: Office Building

Fully Commercialized Class A+ Office Building

Transaction value:
11 M EUR

Project description: We offer the sale of an innovative and functional office building located in the heart of the largest Polish metropolitan area.

Area: 11,500 m²

projekt deweloper

Project: Real Estate Developer

Real Estate Development Project Group - Residential Areas, Office Buildings, Logistics

Transaction value:
269 M EUR

Project description: We are raising capital for investments based on the land bank of a regional industry leader.

Project: HVAC

HVAC Installation Contractor for Large Facilities

Transaction value:

Project description: We offer the sale of a comprehensive contractor for sanitary and technological installations.

Project: Robot

Advanced Robotics and Software Technology Solutions

Transaction value:

Project Description: We are raising capital for a startup


Project: Printing

Printing House

Transaction value:

Project Description: We offer the sale of a profitable printing house


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Project: Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical and Supplement Manufacturer

Transaction value:
1,5-11 M EUR

Project description: We offer various-sized entities producing pharmaceuticals and/or supplements


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Project: Assembly Technology

Distributor of Assembly Technology for Window Production

Transaction value:
3.2 M EUR

Project description: We offer the sale of a manufacturer of specialized, highly profitable products


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Project: Logistics

Investment Area

Transaction value:
4,5 M EUR

Project description: We offer the sale of a 17-hectare plot with designed and agreed-upon road accesses from the national road by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA). Ideal for logistics or large-scale trade.

Project: Renewable Energy Storage

Energy Storage Distribution

Transaction budget:
0,2-1,2 M EUR

Project description: We offer the sale and comprehensive service of energy storage facilities.

Project: Occupational Health and Safety

Manufacturer of Workwear

Transaction budget:

Project description:We offer the acquisition of manufacturers of workwear.

Project: Big Pharma

Companies with Prescription Drugs

Transaction budget:
20-100 M EUR

Project description: We offer the acquisition of a Polish pharmaceutical company ranking in the top 15.

What we do/Services we deliver

Mergers and acquisitions

  • Audits and financial analyses to design offers for potential investors
  • Financial models building
  • Enterprise value calculation
  • Transaction documents: Teasers, Investment Memoranda
  • Attracting an industry or financial investor
  • Due Diligence process support
  • Assisting investors in their search for entities to take over

Support for startups

  • Consulting support in building and optimizing processes in a fast-growing organization
  • Direct engagement in the company’s activities, securing liquidity and efficiency in scaling operations, outsourcing of back-office processes
  • Active search for a financial or industry investor to sell the company or gain additional financing for development

Business succession

  • Audits and expert analyses for determining the status of the company and its market environment
  • Interim Management – direct engagement in the process of the company’s performance and management – a transitional period
  • Building and implementing a long-term strategy for the company and acquiring an internal or external successor

Business processes development and optimization

  • Audits and expert analyses
  • Business processes standardization
  • Document circulation system implementation
  • Financial models building
  • Building and implementing a long-term strategy
  • Building and implementing a marketing strategy
  • Increasing cost effectiveness and optimizing internal processes

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Business partners:

CO.BRICK Sp. z o.o.

Cooperation on industry reports and sharing knowledge of the startup market.

Silesian University of Technology

Joint projects involving scientific knowledge

KTW Legal

Joint M&A projects, as well as knowledge exchange on the local and foreign investment markets

URS, United Registrar Systems

United Registrar of Systems Polska
Sp. z o.o

Cooperation on the companies, processes and quality certification.